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OT: Star Schema implementation in a front end reporting tool (Business Objects)

From: Ken Naim <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:15:39 -0500
Message-ID: <014201c708f2$d30f1f80$0300a8c0@KenHome>

I have a star schema with 3 dimension tables (days, policies, classes_and_flat_charges) and 4 fact (calendar_year_premium, accident_year_premium, calendar_year_eanred_premium, accident_year_earned_premium) tables. Each fact table joins to the dimension tables in the same way. Implementing one fact table with the 3 dimension tables in business objects is quite simple and works well. If I include the other facts in the universe then I get loops for which I need a solution. I have come up with the following and wanted to know what your thoughts on any of the solutions provided are and how you have implemented similar situations.  

  1. Implement contexts to resolve the loops. I haven't done this in the past but I was warned that contexts are a pain.
  2. Implement aliases which I have done but in this case I would have to duplicate all the dimension objects form the 3 dimension tables and I am worried about keep future changes synchronized between each of the classes for each fact table
  3. Implement each star (1 fact and 3 dimension tables) in its own universe, again synchronization issues.
  4. Link a universe containing 1 fact table to a one containing the 3 dimension tables in its own universe, which avoids the synchronization issues, easy to implement, just going to have many universes.
  5. create a table that logically full outer joins the 4 fact tables into 1 "super fact table" which requires an etl change or addition neither of which is too bad), which would simplify business objects design and query generation as well as report design as one would not need to query multiple universes, however it would make the table much larger (3 times most probably) both in length and width potentialy making simple queries slower.

I know this is off topic and appreciate any input. I have tired unsuccessfully finding a good list for business objects related questions so if you know one please let me know.  


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