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Re: You DON'T NEED Developer 9i, to get a zero client install

From: Muhammed Soyer <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 16:55:21 -0400
Message-ID: <>

This also works for network shares.

Install the orcle 6i on a network share say it y: Take the registry keys ..
Just install the registry keys to new computers and map the y drive whicj has real installs ..
It was working great for my previous company ..


Muhammed Soyer

On 9/8/06, Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <> wrote:
> Hi because several of you, work using developer I want to share the test I
> ended.
> Several years ago, I found I could skip the installation of developer 6i ,
> but I was enough sane to understand that doing it in our several customer,
> will carry more complications than solutions, specially because I would be
> accused to be the responsible if any problem occur.
> After I read this excellent paper
> Install a full developer 6i installation, then create a bat setting all
> the variables were created on you regedit (on windows)
> I decided to retake it and tested this for severla months, and confirm you
> really don't need to install deevloper 6i
> You save 3 installations, 1 for the forms rumtime, 2 for the reports, and
> 3 for the patcch.
> You could use tnsadmin to have other directory for tnsnames alias, too.
> You can use runtime tools, you can use developer tools, and for other
> tools, like visual studio c (for forms api) you open a dos windows map the
> variables and open the application.
> Is possible you could need to upgrade c libraries if you are using an
> old operating system like windows 98, I didn't tested that.
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> Oracle Certified Profesional 9i 10g
> Orace Certified Professional Developer 6i
> 10 years of experience from Oracle 7 to Oracle10g and developer 6i

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