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Re: Oracle alternatives

From: Sean Hull <>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 17:45:05 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>

> 1) There is an article on Postgres replication in the current issue
> (June 2005) of Linux Journal, "Database Replication with Slony-l", and
> I wonder if you could comment?
> PS: I mean technically, not about a product that sounds like slow-ny. ;-)

I'm a big Linux Journal reader myself. When I saw the Postgres replication article I jumped right to it. But when I got this part I was a bit concerned:
"Again, by examining the content of the contact table of contactdb_slave database, you will notice that the row was removed from the slave node correctly. -- Instead of comparing the information for contactdb and contactdb_slave manually, we easily an automate this process with a smiple script, as shown in Listing 3. Such a scriptcould be executed regularly to ensure that all nodes are in sync, notifying the administrator if that is no longer the case."

Of course they're talking about master-slave replication, so if they get out of sync, then the admin can resync from the master again.

> 2) Another article in the same mag, "ATA over Ethernet", e.g. AoE
> spec, using Coraid EtherDrive shelf looks interesting too. I'd like to
> test a couple node 10g RAC database with the EtherDrive evaluation kit
> (single ATA drive on AoE) instead of firewire, etc. AoE works with a
> cluster filesystem but not with software RAID in a cluster. These guys
> do have a RAIDblade to avoid software RAID. Whatever, its interesting

Yep, I tore this article out. It's on my todo list to get RAC running on this too.


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