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RE: dba job security - even better if you're also the sysadmin

From: Reidy, Ron <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:48:33 -0700
Message-ID: <>

If O'Reilly eve published this book, my vote would be for all the hype = and BS that comes out of the marketing machine.

I know of many companies that have medium sized Oracle instances and no = or very limited DBA talent, and these organizations are suffering for = it. I laugh in their general direction!


Ron Reidy
Lead DBA
Array BioPharma, Inc.

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From: on behalf of Paul Drake
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Subject:	dba job security - even better if you're also the sysadmin
10g - you won't need a dba tabase_id=3DFOR&p_id=3D611535.995

if O'Reilly ever puts out an "Oracle Annoyances" book, having ocssd running for non-ASM, non-clustered installations in a respawn mode without supplying the wooden stake to kill the unholy beast - well, it gets my vote.

Yes, I commented out the line in the file /etc/inittab, but I do not care to reboot this server on which I barely have a decent connection thru vnc with no sysadmin at that site for another week. a reboot could mean an unscheduled trip to Minnesota, which might even be more inhospitable than Pittsburgh was last Sunday.

Yes, someone was nice enough to post the following on the thread listed = above:

[root_at_mybox root]# /etc/init.d/init.cssd stop

Shutting down CRS daemon.
Shutting down EVM daemon.
Shutting down CSS daemon.

Shutdown request successfully issued.

Is that too difficult to include in a note, or even in the = patchset?
btw - Oracle has re-released the 10g R1 for lin32 as, just like they did for the 9i R2 as


Paul - back to bdbafh mode.

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