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RE: [Q] How many days to setup RMAN on UNIX server?

From: Stephens, Chris <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 12:34:35 -0500
Message-ID: <0C36D9C74ADA844292F3218A9C6345442B951C@exchange.pqa.local>

9i rman takes about 15 minutes to set up.

The testing is what takes time. I can't see any reason to hire in = consultants to set up your b and r recovery. Setting it up yourself = will force you to learn. ...and testing it will reinforce what you = learn. ...besides, breaking databases is fun.=20

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Subject: [Q] How many days to setup RMAN on UNIX server?

We plan to setup RMAN on out SUN Solaris server with ORACLE 9ir2 = databases.

We are NOT purchase ORACLE modules for Veritas NETBACKUP yet. The = implementation only RMAN backup to hard disks.

We ask ORACLE provide us the price quote and ORACLE ask 5 days to = implement. Based on my experience setup RMAN should NOT more than two = days. Is ORACLE 5 days request reasonable?

Following are ORACLE suggestion:

  1. Engagement Kick-Off Meeting (&#189; day)
  2. Team member introductions and role definition
  3. Review of engagement Objectives and Scope
  4. Overview of the RMAN architecture=20
  5. Re-Link Oracle with the necessary libraries to support RMAN. =20 This task may require several hours of downtime on the affected system.
  6. Install or create the necessary RMAN scripts to backup and maintain = RMAN backups in the customers=A1=A6 environment. Participants will be = trained on these scripts and may participate in writing specialized = scripts for their environment (2 days)
  7. Perform backup and recovery testing for common Recovery scenarios (3 = days)

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