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RE: Impact caused because Domain Change?

From: Andy Boersma <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:41:38 -0500
Message-ID: <007801c4c815$b5af27c0$697ba8c0@amd3200>

Hi Gabriel

Assuming you are talking about MS domains Did a couple of Oracle 8.XX machines last year.

Little impact, took less the 60 min a machine.

Just quickly a review out of my head, may have forgotten something, but = this
gives you a good start.

Check what name the Oracle services are logged on from the old domain. Most are local but some are admin, etc.
Make sure any services logons have been migrated to new domain with same Sid.
Record them all.
Search with windows in all Oracle files for old domain name. Record them all.

Flush all (and I mean all) temp files including IE, use disk cleanup = from
Disk properties.
We forgot to flush on one server, one logon IE cache (from when the = machine
was build and that person downloaded all support patches from Oracle and MS), it took 3 hours longer to migrate!!

Stop all oracle services
Set services startup to disable.
Migrate server.

Logon in Servers "save mode", edit all Oracle files from old to new = domain.
Logon as the services used by Oracle to ensure the SIDs are properly migrated.

Set services back to original state.

Reboot Server.

That should do it.

Good luck.

Andy Boersma

Andy Boersma

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On Behalf Of Aragon, Gabriel (GE Commercial Finance) Sent: November 11, 2004 11:23 AM
Subject: Impact caused because Domain Change?

Hi List,

I have two Oracle databases and two SQL, all of them running in 4 =3D different windows boxes. Yesterday the network admin notified me that =

they are going to move the domain to other one. Because of this, I have =

to make an assessment of the impact for the db's

Since I'm not an expert on network issues don't have idea which will be =

the impact of changing domain from XXX to YYY, the first thing that =3D comes to mind, is recreate the oracle OS users, and grant again all the =

privileges assigned to those accounts. Then verify listeners and =3D connections for clients. But dont know what else I should check.

Any help will be appreciated



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