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Question of degrees in Oracle DB recovery

From: Wolfe Stephen S GS-11 6 MDSS/SGSI <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:59:58 -0500
Message-ID: <>

First off, I'm an Oracle newbie for sure. My main question now is more DR policy/intent
Oriented than technical. I'm still in the discovery process of all the ways an Oracle instance can be recovered, I'm now reading a PDF on online point-in-time recovery strategies and this is where I have a question.

How many of you guys provide as close as possible to the transaction-on-the-fly point-in-time recovery?

Currently, we do only an offline, once a day backup to a SAN on two Oracle applications. I was asked last Friday if we had a catastrophic failure (server destruction or totally non-recoverable disk failure) how would I recover our TPOCS database. I replied I could recover to whatever was there at 00:15 that day, because, with Crondsys we stop the database, then backup the entire Oracle directory and all of its subdirectories (I was told I actually only needed to keep the oradata folder but we have a large SAN so why not get all the stuff config file, etc) and an interface directory where daily interface files and archives are kept from a system that sends data to TPOCS via importable text delimited flat files.

I received a few concerned looks because the using departments were under the impression that I could bring them back to just before the failure. I can't and the vendor that was tasked to provide the database application was only tasked to provide a 24 hour backup scenario. If a site wants anything better they have to do it on their own after submitting the plan and procedures to the tier 3 helpdesk (the vendor) for approval.

I am doing a lot of reading right now, but I would like to get your ideas on the cost and complexity of getting a true PIT recovery system in place or can a near PIT be established like configuring the redo logs to reside on the SAN instead of the local server?


Stephen S. Wolfe, GS-11, DAFC
Data Services Manager
(813) 827-9972 DSN 651-9972=20

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