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RE: Future DBA job outlook

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 15:04:10 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>


Consider yourself quite lucky. I have a degree (but not in computers), am OCP-certified, and am coming up on 20 years in the business. HOWEVER, in spite of all of this, two years ago I was refused the opportunity to even submit my resume for consideration to a company here in Austin because my degree was not in CS or Engineering. The company has a large Oracle shop, was planning a major expansion of that shop, and had no DBA's with team leader experience, OCP cert, or even double digit years of experience. I took the time to point out that, had I gotten my degree in CS in 1982, any skills acquired pursuing that degree (with the possible exception of the most basic concepts) would, by and large, be inapplicable today. (Can you say "punch card reader"?) It was my proven ability to stay current with changing technologies and adapt to new work environments that made me a valuable asset wherever I was employed. They would have none of that.  

Fortunately, I'm currently working with a company that truly appreciates my skills and contribution to the organization, and seems to have a plan for future growth and market viability. And, oh yeah, they weren't concerned what my 20-year-old degree was in, but rather what I could do for them now, and what I was willing to learn to continue contributing in the future.  

Crazy world, ain't it??!!  

Joe Cooper
Senior Oracle DBA
Highline Media

David Green <> wrote:

I have managed to do quite well with no college degree and no OCP.

. . .

I have 10 years in the industry now, which is the only reason why not having a degree is'nt a factor any longer. I have always been in the most upper percentile in terms of compensation in a given area.                 

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