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RE: Java vs. Perl ... vs. Python

From: Orr, Steve <>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 12:46:56 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Wow... I'm just getting back to this list after a long hiatus (doing boring stuff like work) and I see this latest post near and dear to my heart.=20

I'm doing a Quick Tip (Q9) at IOUW titled, "Python, Oracle and the Meaning of Life." From my laptop (it's old and decrepit with a mere 256MB of RAM running at 850Mhz) I'll be running a full fledged web server which I developed entirely in Python. My web server leverages on the low level socket programming and HTTP libraries that come with Python. I'll of course access the O9i database on my laptop and I'll show a proof of concept DBA webapp called HYDRA which includes pretty YAPP graphs (real time using RRDTool) to show to damagement.=20

I'll also talk about how we manage almost everything with Python including: distributing and configuring our software; configuring and restarting our Apache web servers; maintaining our virtual hosts and DNS tables; managing the databases including end user upgrades, schema and tablespace creation, and backing up and moving data. (Scary huh? We're one of the top 25 ASP's but I won't get into any marketing hype.)=20

Oh, yeah, and if there's time after talking about Python and Oracle we may get into the meaning of life, but this type of discussion is usually most productive with beer after the show. ;-)

Steve Orr
Bozeman, Montana

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Subject: RE: Java vs. Perl

Once you become aware you need a decent tool to get into the database=20 and "do your stuff" but also retain the ability to easily spawn out and=20 do some "other stuff" elsewhere, and you come to a point of starting to=20 ponder about Perl, may be it is not a bad idea to consider Python. Try=20 'em both and see which approach you prefer (or can live with).=20

Some years ago coming to realization it is high time to get a grip on=20 powerful general purpose scripting language I too considered learning=20 Perl, but got disgusted/repelled by it in almost no time.=20

Then I've stumbled across Python...

Python's "home":

Some high level descriptions:

"Why Python?" by Eric Raymond:

Python module for Oracle (requires Oracle Client):


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