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Re: ORA-3113 errors after switching W2K server to new network

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 08:39:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Paul,

I'd start with reading Anita Bardeen's paper, available on the NYOUG site:

ORA-3113's, 600's and 7445's Oh My!

Are these connections local, like on the same subnet, or is there a firewall or router in between that could be performing network address translation (NAT)? Could the translation table now be the source of the timeout?

We had just the opposite at a site, whereby network contention was causing ORA-3113s, and after moving the citrix server farm from fast ethernet to gigabit, the 3113s flat out stopped.

First guess is that the cabling is to blame (works fine for fast ethernet, has issues for GigE). Second I'd figure on the new NIC and its driver. Muck with the settings for the NIC - check diagnostics for it. What is the server make, who is the network card manufacturer?

Dell uses Broadcom cards. You can check the cabling with diagnostics included in the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite. I haven't used Gigabit cards internally with Compaq/HP or IBM wintel boxes, so I'm not yet familiar with their diagnostics. This is SysAdmin space, get your sysadmin to check it out (unless that is you).

Oracle on windows couldn't kill an idle session properly if a support analyst with 10 years experience tried, so this should not be occurring, as sqlnet idle_timeout doesn't work in and

this sounds like a good way of killing off the idle sessions. we had to code a terminator routine to get this functionality. :)


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