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Re: ORA-3113 errors after switching W2K server to new network

From: Paul Vincent <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 23:44:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Success! I've now learnt, from our network security admin guy, that the Firewall Manager on the new network is configured by default to timeout inactive connections after 60 minutes. Even though all the user clients are inside the firewall, the server is specially ringfenced because the third-party application suppliers have access to it via PC Anywhere. Therefore the users have to access the server via the firewall, and therein lies the problem! Apparently the old firewall had this feature either disabled or set ludicrously high, but those responsible for the new firewall are unwilling to change the 60-minute default. Obviously they're being far more cautios about accumulating idle connections this time around!

So we now have our solution choices - either someone makes the decision to up the timeout period, or the application vendors fix the app to issue a dummy query every so-many minutes of inactivity... or the users get used to logging in and out of the app when they need it, rather than leaving it running idle all day... It's now a political decision rather than a technical problem.

A satisfactory end to the problem, which may well have not been the case without the input from this list, for which many thanks, particularly to Tim Onions, Paul Drake and Tim's resident firewall guru.

Paul Vincent
University of Central England

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