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ORA-3113 errors after switching W2K server to new network

From: Paul Vincent <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 07:39:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi everybody,

one of our Win2K servers, running Oracle 8.1.7, has recently been switched from the University's old network to our shiny new network. All the DNS entries have been successfully switched, everybody can still connect to the databases, and all appeared well. Until our users started reporting ORA-3113 errors (end of file on communiation channel). In every case, this happens after the user's connection has been inactive for somewhat over an hour. There are no messages in the database alert log, no trace files or dump files in the bdump, cdump or udump locations, and no messages in the listener log or in the sqlnet log. But it happens with alarming frequency, and only since the switch to the new network. The network guy who switched the server to the new network says the only change was to replace the server's previous network card with a new gigabit ethernet card. In the absence of any kind of server-side error messages or trace files, I'm more than somewhat stumped. None of the possible explanations I've found in MetaLink seem to apply in this case.

Has anyone any ideas? Not only possible solutions, but ideas for further inquiries, or further questions would be welcome!

Best regards,

Paul Vincent
University of Central England

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Author: Paul Vincent

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