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RE: RAC or Oracle Fail Safe

Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 15:42:06 +0400
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Hi Hussain,

            Replies are inline ….

With reference to what you said about using both the nodes, you meant that we can install another database (lets say for reporting purpose) or/and also 9iAS on one node and our main production database on the other

Yes you can do that. You can very well make use of other node, in above ways. Advantage of running some standard services would be that they will also fail-over to the surviving node. So _effectively_ you are using both the nodes at any point of time. Here we have 2 node cluster where one node is running Database and another node is running 9ias Server. and they failover to each other automatically if one of them them goes down. In fact you can decide your failback policies also so that the nodes know when (may be off-peak hour) to fail-back once the failed node is back.

Incase of OFS, the database service fails over from one node to the other, and then it starts, but it is automatic, right?

            Yes, it is a configurable parameter and can be set to automatic mode.

When you talk about Resources and that they can’t be shared, you are not referring to the shared storage vault (we are using DAS – Direct Attached Storage) because that has to be at least available to both the servers. And when the database fails over from one server to the other, and it starts its services on the other server, then the obviously that other server will make use of the DAS on which reside our datafiles.

I think you got me wrong here. “They can’t be shared at the same point of time”. Actually the shared storage would be physically connected to both the nodes. And they can/will have multiple drives defined on them ( say U,V,W,X).So at one point of time say U&V would be owned by node1 and W&X would be owned by node2. If node1 fails then node2 will own all the 4 drives U,V,W and X.

RAC costs roughly 20k$ per CPU and it doesn’t come bundled with Oracle 9i License? (For confirmation purposes) Received on Sat Jul 19 2003 - 06:42:06 CDT

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