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RE: ora-01115 after datafile autoexetend from 3.9 GB to 4.1 GB

From: Johnston, Tim <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 08:28:48 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Looks like your stuck... Maybe someone else can help... Good luck...  

Doc <> ID: Note:148894.1
on NT/2000 Platforms

Type: 	ALERT	
Content Type: 	TEXT/PLAIN	
Creation Date: 	07-JUN-2001	
Last Revision Date: 	25-JUL-2002	

Problems with Datafile AUTOEXTEND/RESIZE on Oracle8i on NT/2000 Platforms

Change Record

27-Dec-01: The fix release in the Patches section of this alert was modified

from to    

Versions Affected

  The problems described here can affect releases 8.1.6 and 8.1.7.  

Platforms Affected

  The problems affect Oracle8i releases on Windows NT and Windows 2000.  


  Releases of Oracle8i on Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms can exhibit

  serious problems when a datafile autoextends or is resized onto a 4GB

  boundary (e.g. 4GB, 8GB).  

  When a datafile has been configured such that it will autoextend onto a

  4GB boundary, any attempt to autoextend:

  1. when in noarchive log mode it causes the database to crash
  2. when in archive log mode the file is marked offline in V$RECOVER_FILE
  When not in archive log mode, it is safe to restart the database and

  continue, altering datafiles to autoextend onto different boundaries asap.

  NOTE: It may be necessary to stop and restart the OracleService itself.  

  The only way to recover this file when in archive log mode is to restore

  the whole database and roll forward to a point before the file autoextended.    

Likelihood of Occurrence

  It is highly likely that problems will be encountered if an attempt is

  made to autoextend or resize a datafile onto a 4Gb boundary.  

Possible Symptoms

  The possible symptoms from this problem are:  

  1. The database crashes (when in noarchive log mode) and the alert file

      and database writer (DBW0) trace file report:        

      KCF: write/open error block=0xXXXXX online=Y

           file=N '......'

           error=27069 txt: 'OSD-4026: Invalid parameter passed.

  b. The file is marked offline in V$RECOVER_FILE and access to the database

      continues. The following error appears in the alert.log:        

      KCF: write/open error block=0xXXXXX online=Y

           file=N '......'

           error=27069 txt: 'OSD-4026: Invalid parameter passed.

      Automatic datafile offline due to write error on file N: '......'  


  The only safe workaround at present is to ensure that no file is resized or

  created to autoextend onto a 4Gb boundary. This is best achieved by making

  sure all datafiles have AUTOEXTEND disabled.  

  It is advisable to read the article below which describes potential

  issues using files of 2Gb or larger in size as this may influence the

  maximum datafile size you choose to use.  


  A fix is now available in <Bug.1823173> and will be included in <BUG.1794199>    


  2Gb or not 2Gb - File limits in Oracle [NOTE:62427.1] < 2427.1&p_database_id=NOT>

  Base bug reporting this problem                [BUG:1668488]
< 668488&p_database_id=BUG>

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Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 11:08 AM To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L

Hello all  

HELP - and I am not an idiot.  

Oracle on NT.  

We have a problem that the datafile for the application tables autoextended from 3.9 GB to 4.1 GB.
We are getting ora-01115 errors and the datafile is offline. We tried export but it gets the same error.  

The status now is that the datafile is offline. Alter datafile online needs recovery.
Recovery gets I/O error and aborts.  

Anybody knows how to get the data out?  

As per Murphy's law, the last full backup of the database ran about 2 weeks ago
and nobody noticed that the backup job ended ok but without backing up the files.
So recovery means restoring from 2 weeks ago and applying archive logs for some hours.  

Oracle support are sending someone with a utility that MAY save the day.  

Any ideas ???????????????  

HELP   Yechiel Adar

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