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RE: Physical access to servers for maintenance

From: Kimberly Smith <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:54:21 -0700
Message-ID: <>

to think about it, access to my server room for Unix installs would be a waste
of my
time.  We have consoles on the servers with command line interface only.  Works
maintaince during downtimes when the network is out (planned downtimes) but other
that I don't use them.  And even then, I usually let the Unix guys do their stuff first
they are usually doing stuff for me:-) and by then the network is backup so I go
to my Xterm or my PC. 

<FONT face=Tahoma

  size=2>-----Original Message-----From: Adams, Matthew (GEA, 088130)   [mailto:MATT.ADAMS_at_APPL.GE.COM]Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001   9:05 AMTo: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-LSubject:   RE: Physical access to servers for maintenance   We
  keep images of the cd-roms for all current (and past) versions on a 'software   depot' (unix tar files)
  so I
  only need to have CDs loaded once for any given version.  We only support   Oracle
  Unix, no NT systems.

  most versions I give the CD-s to unix admin, ask them the mount   them.
  8.1.7, I was able to ZIP the image of the cd on my PC, ftp it to a sun   box,

  class=973575214-26092001>unzip it, then TAR it and move it into the software   depot. (and the file names all came
  correctly!, suprised the %$^%$#%^ out of me!)  Did the same thing with   9i.

  have a PC and a dedicated HP X-Terminal (very VERY OLD) on my desk.  I   pretty
  use PC for e-mail and other office work stuff.  My X-term is my   LIFE.  But,
  have used just about every PC X-Term emulation software on the planet at one   time
  another.  All have worked for installing Oracle so far.  But your   caveat is well taken.
  speed of the network would be a major factor here.  My X-term is 10   Mbs

  class=973575214-26092001>ethernet to the hub and 100 mbs ethernet between   hubs.  Not screamingly fast, but

  class=973575214-26092001>performance is still OK.





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      Are you talking NT only or 
      install in general?  On unix all you need is a <FONT 
      color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2>decent X-windows package for your PC 
      (Exceed, ChameleonX, Reflection X?, etc). <FONT 
      face=Arial>  I've 
      been here 3 years, installed at least 30 new systems and have never 
      been in any of our computer 
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        Physical access to servers for maintenance
        OK, terminal services? 
        I agree that install is an 
        exception.  It's nearly impossible if you aren't sitting in front 
        of the host. 
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