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RE: Physical access to servers for maintenance

From: Mark Leith <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:47:51 -0700
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long as there is space on the file system to upload the install files from the CDs to a temp directory on the destination server - just the same as you would if you downloaded the files from OTN- and you tar and ftp, or simply transfer for windows to the Disk1, Disk2 etc. directories, there is no need to actually mount the CD. Once you have installed - simply trash the temp directory with the set-up files in it. I do this all the time, installing from CD images stored on a networked PC that are also used to burn the CDs.. The transfer of the files may take a while, but the install will run fine as it will be running locally to the server.





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  I meant install in general.  It took
  forever to do it over a fairly weak network.   Never went in the computer room? Really??   Cool :)  But did someone physically load the cd on the host for   you?  Or did you run it from your pc?   

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    Are you talking NT only or install
    in general?  On unix all you need is a <FONT color=#0000ff     face=Arial size=2>decent X-windows package for your PC (Exceed, ChameleonX,     Reflection X?, etc).   <FONT
    color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2>I've been here 3 years, installed at least     30 new systems and have never <FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial     size=2>been in any of our computer rooms.     
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      OK, terminal services? 
      I agree that install is an 
      exception.  It's nearly impossible if you aren't sitting in front of 
      the host. 
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      This doesn't work for NT 
      machines, and it with Unix you cannot install 8.1.6 without X 
      access.<FONT color=#000080 face=Arial 
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      face="Times New Roman">"Do not criticize someone until you walked a mile 
      in their shoes, that way when you criticize them, you are a mile a way and 
      have their shoes."
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      face="Times New Roman"> <FONT 
      color=#0000ff face=Georgia>What's wrong with telnetting 
      in? <FONT face=Arial 
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      for maintenance<FONT 
      face="Times New Roman"> <FONT 
      face=Arial size=2>-- "Smith, Ron L." <><FONT 
      face=Arial>> Our hardware people are 
      cracking sown on access to the computer room.<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>> They have decided the DBA group can do all their work without 
      going to> the server itself.  
      This includes Unix and NT server running both Oracle<FONT 
      face=Arial size=2>> and SQL Server. We would have to use VNC Viewer and 
      PC Anywhere.  I am> trying to 
      put together a list of things we might need to do that 
      would> make remote admin difficult 
      as well as taking longer.  If you have any<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>> ideas I would appreciate it.<FONT 
      face=Arial>How about "Your 
      Work"?Last time 
      I looked it's rather hard to run svrmgrl without access to<FONT 
      face=Arial size=2>the command line.  So long as you don't want to 
      start or stop thedatabase this probably 
      won't have any effect.<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>Checking free disk space is also simpler with "df".  You can, 
      perhaps,memorize the nubmber of blocks 
      on every device and compare them to the<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>free space reported by Oracle each morning.<FONT 
      face=Arial>Simplest method would be to 
      say "no we don't need it now, what is the<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>pager number of someone we can use if we do need things 
      done?"  Makea point of paging them 
      every time you need something from the shell,<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>day or night.  That person will, I'm sure, be happy to compile 
      a listof the trivial things they've 
      been forced to do that the DBA should have<FONT face=Arial 
      size=2>done for themselves at 3am...<FONT 
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