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Oracle training vs IOUG-A vs ECO

From: Sarah Satterthwaite <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 08:25:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>

My grand-boss thinks that conferences are a waste of money and training classes are a much better dollar value.

I probably took my last Oracle Education class about 10 years ago and have been to every ECO conference except last year (and because of personal conflicts cannot do ECO again this year). I have no doubt about the value I have received from ECO over the years. I am probably going to get to go to IOUG-A (despite the sentiments of the grand-boss), but would like to hear some opinions (positive and negative) from people who have experienced at least two out of three of the above.

Which was the better conference--ECO or IOUG-A--and why? Perhaps I should be including Oracle Open World in the list also. In the past I have heard complaints about overcrowding at IOUG-A, is this still a big problem?

For an experienced person, how good are Oracle training classes for learning new material compared to a conference? My memory is that the training courses were dominated by beginners--is that still true? Specifically, we are getting ready to go to 8.1.6 or 8.1.7 from 7.3.4 on NT and Alpha Open VMS. So the specific training would be Oracle's Migrating to Version 8 seminars (a series of 3 one day classes).

In reading the IOUG-A program that came the other day, I could not find a single presenter from Oracle Corporation. Does Oracle no longer permit its people to present or is IOUG-A now excluding them? Where are the Oracle people presenting these days? I have been to some dynamite presentations by Oracle people in the past.


Sarah Satterthwaite
Oracle DBA
Case Shiller Weiss, Inc
Cambridge, MA

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