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RE: Oracle training vs IOUG-A vs ECO

From: Jefferson, Dean <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 07:19:48 -0800
Message-ID: <>

OK, appologies for so openly showing my ignorance, but what does the acronym ECO, as used in this thread, stand for? I have a feeling it has nothing to do with Ecology, which is what I'll get a ton of hits on if I try to find it with a search engine.

As to the comparison of IOUG-A Live! vs. Oracle Open World, I would opt for IOUGA unless you need to be on the cutting edge, implementing the very latest Oracle technology as it is released. I have been to both and at Open World it is far too easy to get stuck in a session which is 80-90% vendor hype.

But, Open World is much larger, so the networking opportunities are certainly great, and Oracle makes every effort to introduce their latest and greatest stuff at Open World.

IOUG-A wins hands down as an educational conference. If you want to see and understand how Oracle technology has been successfully used to solve real-world problems, IOUG-A is the place. In terms of an educational conference the only better one I have been to is the Data Warehousing Annual Conference presented by the Data Warehousing Institute.

HTH, Dean Jefferson
Database Administrator
State of Wisconsin
Office of Commissioner of Insurance

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> Good question, which is best: IOUG or OpenWorld b/c most
> cheap companies don't pay for both?
> I never went to OpenWorld, but been to IOUG and the
> presentations from TUSC were some of the best.
> Any opinions out there?
> >>> 03/30/01 08:21AM >>>
> Last time I went to the ECO site, it looked closed. Are they
> still around?
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