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Re: Deployment of Oracle Client

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 23:44:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

CAUTION - only theory and heuristical speculation

If you're not using only Win32, another method is to separate the registry part from the file system part.

Various 3rd party tools take a "diff" of the registry before and after the install of a piece of software.
This more or less allows for a tar of the installed files to be deployed on the next victim, with a re-run of the registry changes to install the application as far as windows in concerned.

Here's 2 example utilities:

Ideally, the utility should prepare the registry script to regenerate the diff, from prior to post install.

Any more thoughts about using response files?



"Sam P. Roberts (ZADCO ITIS)" wrote:
> The way we did it to 2000 users without a hitch.
> You dont need to install full client, only sqlnet or net8 (approx 28meg).
> We use Novell launcher. Take a snapshot on one machine, then novell
> automatically launches it to all clients.There should be similar products to
> this.(I think SMS by Microsoft). We have a constantly changing environment
> whereby the applications are updated,we use this method to update all local
> machines,and it works a dream. This is for now as we have a mixture of fat
> client and browser based.
> Sam
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> Sent: Monday, March 12, 2001 10:27 PM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> How do most organizations deploy sqlnet client to a large user base? We've
> currently got hundreds, maybe thousands of users with various versions of
> the client installed on their desktop. We're also about to roll out Windows
> 2000 to a large percentage of these users. In testing we've determined that
> earlier desupported client versions (7.3.4 and such) seem to work on W2K
> with the apps currently deployed. I'm not happy with a "cross your fingers
> and hope" approach and have been pushing to get most users up to 8i as a
> client. Ideally I'd like to have something the users can download and
> install from the intranet. In searching technet downloads all I find is the
> entire bloated 200MB Oracle Client as a download - much too big for our
> remote users to download and install. All I want is the Net8 pieces I'd
> need for sqlworksheet, or TOAD, or an ODBC connection, so that the download
> and install time would be within reason. Anybody have suggestions? How are
> people on this list deploying Oracle apps to many users? Thanks.
> Jim
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