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RE: OT NT2K vs Unix.

From: Steve Orr <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:10:13 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I can vouch for that. One of the co-founders of Hotmail is my CEO. He confirms that MS was still using Apache, FreeBSD and Solaris when he left MS. (He worked awhile for MS after making a bundle from the Hotmail sale.)

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A couple of years ago I was head-hunted for a job as an Oracle DBA working for "a major software company headquartered out of the Seattle area." I quizzed the recruiter, "Ummm... We're talking Microsoft, right? Isn't Oracle a competitor and what are they doing with Oracle databases?" Turns out it was for the WebTV subsidiary which was also gobbled up by MS. WebTV runs on Oracle and I believe they are now located at the Microsoft campus here in Silicon Valley. MS knows they can't run WebTV on NT/SQLServer so they won't even try. These are the things Bill doesn't want you to know.

Steve Orr

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H <> otmail, The Microsoft Corporation

This free Web-based e-mail service runs a mixture of Sun Solaris and FreeBSD. Apache 1.2.1 is the Web server software. After Microsoft purchased the company in December 1997, they tried to migrate to NT, but ". . . the demands of supporting 10 million users reportedly proved too great for NT, and Solaris was reinstated." Get the full story: Solaris calls Hotmail shots
<> for Microsoft.

 You're right about that, Ross. People can use Microsoft products, businesses cannot. Of course the world does need organized recipes and an animated paper clip to remind them of cousin Tilly's wedding so in that regard I guess Microsoft products are useful. :o)

  "Mohan, Ross" <> wrote:


Did you realize you DO have to reboot after some Solaris package installs? Maybe not "all" and maybe not "Solaris 8", but.....certainly some of them with kernel hooks in 2.5.


Most of them due to poor third party driver authoring -- MS, a software company, gave too much MoJo to developers. Imagine that. Same reason most of their software swamps the market. People can USE it. Shocking Development!

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