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Re: X$Tables Info : Attention - Jared

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 18:43:05 -0800
Message-Id: <>

On 11 Dec 2000, at 17:35, Joseph S. Testa wrote:

Date sent:      	Mon, 11 Dec 2000 17:35:41 -0800
To:             	Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <>
From:           	"Joseph S. Testa" <>
Subject:        	Re: X$Tables Info : Attention - Jared

> So now the statement is americans are useless without foreigners?

I didn't see that statement, where was it? :)

>, so
> which is worse? Seems both of them are wrong.

That is correct. You have "dumbed down" education systems in the USA, so we are reliant on immigrant labor trained in science and technology. The cultural "base" of american innovation is intact (perhaps ironically, it was put there mainly by german immigrants!), but potentially in trouble, especially without real education reform.

Supposedly a very typical pattern in high-tech manufacturing is for most of the "grunt" engineering work being done by middle-eastern, indian and asian tech workers, and marketing and "management" by (usually "anglo/white") americans.

I'm no expert on indian cuture, but I have heard that it is a "love/hate" thing w/ the usa. they have the benefit of shared history with english speaking people, but it is in the context of some very wretched anglo-imperialism. I hope we can get that behind us, but global economics is putting a lot of pressure on.

I am actually regularly surprised how restrained people from India are in this country - considering how there is supposedly HUGE anti-american sentiment in India itself.

> Dont get me wrong i'm the first to slam someone on this list, but its a
> particular person, not a country, ethnicity, etc. Particular people are
> lazy and stupid not groups.

No, all I'm saying is that when you have a developing country, such as India, with a lot of people highly motivated by social and economic conditions to get into the tech sector, some aren't going to give a sh*t about certain social "conventions" (eg, RTFM) that people in more comfortable/refined circumstances have the "luxury" of observing.

In my view, at a minimum the comfortable people should be aware of the contributions of the culture of the "non-RTFMers" to the maintenance of "luxury" conditions.

This doesn't invalidate the accomplishments of the "comfortable" people's cultural experience, and it doesn't mean that one should be constrained by "PC".

blah blah blah

Bottom line: mutual reciprocity has greater survival value than stereotyping.

Time to go home and watch a barbaric american male-oriented capitalist sports ritual (monday night football), which will p*ss-off my superior and refined immigrant wife. :)

> > I [would] suggest that the list consider the following statement:
> >
> > The USA tech industry would be in the toilet if it wasn't for the
> > many excellent immigrant workers that have come here from India
> > and other countries.
> >
> > (note: not that far distant in history, americans were widely
> > considered "unrefined" usurpers, too ambitious/energetic for their
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