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RE: Unix Problem !!

From: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:37:19 -0400
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Since you have so much you may want to execute a du -sk . | sort -n on the directory and redirect that to a file

Then partition out the file list by size. Use each of those files as separate include files in multiple tar files creation

What I like about that is I can print out the list afterwards and viola! a history of what I moved and dealt with is at my fingertips for reference.

After the tar file creation then type gzip --best name_of_tar_file.tar & (Check your flavor of operating system man pages for the exact flag; it can vary)

Like Brian said, The gzip command will compress the file. The - - best flags uses its best algorithm to compress the files into a smaller size.
Generically you can expect to reduce by 2/3 rds total size.

With the ftp, besides using mput or mget; at the prompt type bin and the command hash
It will port everything over in binary and also give you a feed back ######## progression line.
ncftp is even niftier, but requires it to be hand installed since it doesn't come with most UNIX flavors (unless Linux) by default

Best of!


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Tar the directory that contains the files and then ftp the tar ball.

If the files are in /foo/bar/me/stuff
cd to /foo/bar/me and then
tar cvf my.tar.ball stuff
This should take care of all the files.

Then ftp my.tar.ball (you may want to compress it first) On the other system cd to /my/new/directory and uncompress the file and then
tar cft my.tar.ball
If your version of tar supports compression you can include the compress/uncompress in the tar commands.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ashish Shah []
> Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 10:04 AM
> To: dbalist; lazydba
> Subject: Unix Problem !!
> I am trying to FTP 6500 files from one machine to
> another. However as soon as I say
> FTP > mget *
> I get following error message..
> "Arguments too long"
> Any ideas... how do I ftp all these files..If i do
> one at a time it will take me forever. I also
> try taring them up but same error message.
> TIA.
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> Ashish
> Toronto, Canada
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