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RE: Replication Question

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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:11:16 -0400
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Hi Phil,

Oracle stores data to replicate in a queue, and pushes the queue to the other db through a database link at regular intervals that you specify. If there's no data to push, the push job does not connect to the other database.

You can push a lot of data. We had a 400Mb network connection (4 lines at 100Mb each somehow spliced together to make 400Mb) and LOTS of disk to replicate one 2 terabyte db to another. The volume was supposed to be 8 million rows a day. I got out before it went production, but the tests we were running were pretty good.

If you do have lots to replicate, and you're really new at this, you may want to bring in a consultant for a week to do an initial knowledge transfer. That helped me tremendously when I started doing replication in earnest (when I went from simple snapshots and a few hundred records to two terabytes and several million).

Boy I miss the days I had real work to do. (Don't tell my boss.)

HTH, Yosi

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> Hello,
> I have some basic rep question and I hope that someone
> can help me with this.
> 1- If there is nothing to replicate does Oracle
> connect to the other db?
> 2- How much data is it possible to replicate ? ( Lets
> say we have big machines and big networdk)
> Regards
> Phil Taylor U.K
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