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Re:RE: People what is Oracle Rdb ? NOT URGENT, ok !

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 14:26:09 -0400
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Humm, that's interesting Eric. Back when I had a finger or two in Rdb the Oracle (V4) database on the VAX cluster was much larger, faster & fault tolerant than the Rdb one. Although I will agree that upgrading Rdb was MUCH simpler than Oracle, but then maybe that was in part due to the legacy application that used Rdb.

Dick Goulet

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Subject: RE: People what is Oracle Rdb ? NOT URGENT, ok ! Author: "Eric D. Pierce" <> Date: 7/18/00 2:30 PM

Bon dia Sr. Luiz !

This may surprise people that have come to Oracle in the last 5-8 years or so, but a very long time ago (10+ years?) conventional wisdom held that that Oracle ***wasn't good enough*** for large databases. (Back in those days RDBMS was sort of a "toy", "Real programmers" used COBOL/VSAM!)

But, Rdb *was* good enough (I guess because it was more platform specific, but also maybe the Rdb architects at DEC were better than Oracle's).

However, Oracle was better at marketing than DEC (*of course* you HAVE TO HAVE your database & code scale *anywhere* and run on *any* platform, right? {what? huh?} ? ? ?). Shortly after Oracle bought Rdb, new Oracle releases became known as having much better capability for large databases. Coincidence? Could the intellectual property and expertise brought in from DEC/Rdb have had *anything* to do with improvements in Oracle????? /* sarcasm */


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> Thank you!
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> RDB is a database Oracle bought from DEC (I think in 1994).
> Runs on VAX and Alpha machines.
> Of course, since then DEC was bought by COMPAQ.

Author: Eric D. Pierce

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