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Re: Diagnosing ORA-3113 errors

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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:33:58 -0700
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Just another couple of thoughts as I just finish dealing with ORA-3113 error myself (that is a bug on dynamic SQL, which is not fixed in any version available so far in Oracle.. Oracle still working to get it fixed in 817!! :P)

ORA-3113 is not a pure error that a user receive from the client side. Most of the time, it points to some errors in the network connection, or the packet being lost, session is lost etc. But other time, it will also generate dumps and trace files on the server also (as this is my case this time, trace files and dumps are generated in the server side, that is how I nail it down this time!)

Metalink had a real good article of what to check when you get the ORA-3113 error. Check it out.


paquette stephane <> on 06/29/2000 05:47:01 AM

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ORA-3113 is a catchy one.
Recently I had 2 series of ORA-3113, one was a network ing problem, the network guys has changed some setttings on some components of the network. The other was a query using Intermedia that was crashing with ORA-3113 each time we query "milk". I tested it on 8.1.6 and the ORA-3113 went away. In each case, Oracle could find out why even with tracing at a low level.
ORA-3113 seems pretty difficult to deal with. Good luck

Stephane Paquette
DBA Oracle
(33) 01 53 93 06 50

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