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Re: oracle on novell

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 17:01:35 -0700
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Basically, it is the unloved child of both Novell and Oracle.

Netware5 comes bundled with a "free" copy of Oracle8, but you have to try to get support from Novell (or pay Oracle for direct support).

Historically, Netware Oracle has had a few limitations. I don't have a complete list, and don't know what the current limits, if any, of Oracle8 on Netware5 are, sorry.

Oracle7.x on Netware 3/4 is good for small databases. Due to Netware3's architecture, Oracle7 runs very fast on it, without requiring a lot of memory (eg, 64Mb, or 128Mb RAM).

The biggest complaint that I have seen is that the support persons at Oracle are very "NT" centric. The "NT" part of Oracle's support organization also supports Oracle on Netware, and most of the "NT" people there don't know very much about Netware (and they seem to get *very* annoyed being asked to take Netware support calls). Be prepared to ignore the advice of the "NT" support people about Netware, and seek better information.

Once you find a Netware expert inside Oracle support, keep their name around, and ask for them next time you get a problem (insist on "escalation").

There are a few Oracle aware people on some of the Novell SysAdmin lists. If you don't mind listening to a lot of whining about how Netware is a great product that is dying for "unnatural" reasons (MS monopoly + Novell management's incompetence), you can sometimes get good info from those lists.

Also, many SysAdms appeear to think DBAs are overpaid snots, so make a point of acting humble unless you are good in a fight. :)

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NDS/Oracle integration appears to be an "interesting" on-going issue.


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> Hi everyone,
> has someone experience with oracle on novell? I hear nothing about this port.
> It is so bad or too small?
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