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Re: Giving up...

From: dlf <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 17:34:57 -0500
Message-ID: <>

don't give up - but if you figure it out - let me know too.

I've installed 10g on a unix platform, but enterprise manager is an additional option
in that environment....i think also at the initial install it's easy to make a wrong turn
and not install anything other than the web version for managing the database.

The classes are all teaching the web interface --- installed automatically on port 5500 - but you'll have to start the dbconsole to access it..... emctl start dbconsole &

"Tom Rectenwald" <> wrote in message news:MoVNd.14563$Dc.7982_at_trnddc06...
> "William F. O'Neill" <> wrote in message
> news:bCNNd.22239$
> > I've posted two queries here, asking for assistance on logging in to OEM
> > for Oracle 10g. One response was to check out an article on Metalink.
> > responded to that by saying that I don't have a support contract, and
> > therefore, couldn't access Metalink. The response to that was a repeat
> > message to read the article on Metalink. The problem dealt with Metric
> > Collection Errors. The other problem was simply to log in, and OEM
> > wouldn't accept my login name, nor password for the Host Credentials.
> > After four days of searching thru Google, and only getting basically one
> > response here, I'm giving up on 10g, and will return to 9i. Am very
> > surprised at the lack of assistance here. I know this is a volunteer
> > board, and I certainly appreciate past assistance. Is the lack of
> > response because no one knows the answer???
> >
> Hello,
> I had trouble with Host Credentials on a Windows system (XP Pro)
> giving me an incorrect password message. I resolved the issue by
> the following:
> - Click Start
> - Click Control Panel
> - Double Click Administrative Tools
> - Double Click Local Security Policy
> - Expand the Local Policies folder
> - Select the User Rights Assignment folder
> - Right Click and select Properties on the 'Log on as a batch job' policy
> - Ensure that your login is in there; or your group (i.e. add the
> administrators) group
> You may need to log out and back in after this; I don't recall if I did or
> not. I am not sure if this is the same issue that you are experiencing,
> hopefully if it is this will be of some assistance.
> Regards,
> Tom
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