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Re: Getting started with XML..

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 10:02:38 -0000
Message-ID: <>

In article <>, Kai-Uwe Klavei says...
> Jeremy schrieb:
> > Simple question: we have an partner who wish to send into our
> > application data from their system in the form of an XML document.
> >
> > We are running Oracle 9i R2 and the Oracle http listener and mod_plsql.
> >
> > Our app is built using the web pl/sql toolkit. We would like the partner
> > to send us the the document by making an http call to a proceudre on our
> > server and I assume 'post'-ing the data so that on our side we might
> > have a procedure defined as
> >
> > procedure xml_receiver (p_transaction_id in number,
> > p_xml_document in clob)
> >
> > Am I OK to this point - is this right?
> I think so (i do not know web pl/sql). In short: If you have an HTTP
> server listening, someone can send an HTTP request. A browser for
> example sends an HTTP GET to retrieve an URL. Your partner will send an
> HTTP POST, that is the requst to send data to the server. He will send
> this HTTP POST with the data to your "executable" server component. Your
> server component processes the data and sends back the so called HTTP
> response, that can be html or xml or something else. CGI scripts, Java
> servlets and others are "executable" server components.
> > If so, then the next piece of the puzzle is: what tools do we use to get
> > the data values out of the XML document?
> You need an XML parser.
> > Finally, once we have processed the document, if we want send back an
> > XML document with status information etc then I assume this can be
> > assembled using the various HTP procedures - or is there a less 'home-
> > grown' method for returning back an XML document?
> You send back the HTTP response and, yes, this can be XML. XML is just
> text, you can simply write that into the response stream. E.g. in a Java
> servlet it would be:
> PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
> out.println("<xml/>");

Hi thanks for the information. Will be walking this road soon so probably more questions to follow :)


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