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Re: exporting

From: <>
Date: 1 Feb 2005 08:34:02 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Vilco wrote:
> Hello, this is my first time with Oracle, and I have been reading
> the online-help and lurking here for about a week before posting,
> and now I know something more then a week ago, maybe I am able to
> make a clear, maybe non-stupid, question.
> I'm going to export data from a Rracle92 installation to another
> PC, also with Oracle92 installed. I'd like to follow the export
> procedure, since it seems the way to go for migrating data.
> Im' working wth Oracle in italian, so the names of features and
> other thing I write here are mere translations from italian to
> english: I hope to use the right names...
> I tried both the Export feature in the Enterprise Manager
> interface (connected to OMS) and the command line EXP.EXE
> utility, but I had no success in exporting.
> When I export from the EM interface, the job gets submitted to
> Oracle, I go to see in the "Active Job" panel and the job is not
> there, so I look at the job chronology and the job is there, with
> the status "Not succeeded". While editing the Export job, I
> selected the option to have a logfile, but it doesn't get
> created. Where can I look to find something about what went
> wrong?
> When I export with the EXP CLI utility, I always get incorrect
> user/password and it asks me to change them. Reading around on
> the internet I found many examples of calls to EXP utility where
> after the user/pwd there was a "@" followed by other parameters.
> If I mess with them I stop getting "incorrect user/pwd" and get a
> 6401 error:
> ORA-06401: NETCMN: invalid export program designator
> (ORA-06401: NETCMN: designatore del programma di esportazione non
> valido).
> I have seen many people reporting 06401 errors about drivers, non
> about designers, but maybe this is due to the translation to
> italian of the original error message. Also here, if I specify a
> log file, it doesn't get created.
> What could be I missing here? Somebody has a clue?
> TIA and sorry if this is not the correct place (if this is the
> case, please address me to the right place)
> --
> Vilco
> Think Pink , Drink Rose'

Without knowing what is in your connect string it's difficult to say where the problem lies. A solution would be to configure your tnsnames.ora file:

Start->Programs->Oracle - OraHome92->Connfiguration and Migration Tools->Net Assistant

This will allow you to set up an alias for the target database, using the proper protocol, host name and Oracle SID or Service Name. You'll then be able to use this alias in your connect string. Presume you've configured a tnsnames.ora entry named testdb. Connecting to this instance would be a simple matter of:

c:\> sqlplus user/pass_at_testdb

Or, using exp:

c:\> exp user/pass_at_testdb file=....

The Net Assistant allows you to test the configuration you're set up, to resolve any such conflicts as you're now experiencing. I hope this helps.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Tue Feb 01 2005 - 10:34:02 CST

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