RE: duplicate pdb from backup

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 22:17:46 -0500
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My understanding is that you can do plugin across platforms as long as they are the same endian, but you need to use RMAN if you are changing endian. That matches this document:  

So to me the hiccup regarding cloning unplugged plugins is only losing the original recovery thread due to the unplug, plug back in bit on the original. I wouldn’t expect plugin/unplug to convert endian and it makes sense to me that requires RMAN and they only build that complication into the comprehensive Recovery Management tool. I’m not sure what you are suggesting Oracle should have that it does not have.  

Does sql server do cross endian restores? I’ve never really used sql server other than trivially, so that is an actual rather than rhetorical question. I wasn’t aware that it ran on any big endian platforms, but I’ve never really looked.  

I don’t think Oracle will mind if I copy/paste their list:



----------- ---------------------------------------- --------------
1 Solaris[tm] OE (32-bit) Big 2 Solaris[tm] OE (64-bit) Big 3 HP-UX (64-bit) Big 4 HP-UX IA (64-bit) Big 5 HP Tru64 UNIX Little 6 AIX-Based Systems (64-bit) Big 7 Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit) Little 8 Microsoft Windows IA (64-bit) Little 9 IBM zSeries Based Linux Big 10 Linux IA (32-bit) Little 11 Linux IA (64-bit) Little 12 Microsoft Windows x86 64-bit Little 13 Linux x86 64-bit Little 15 HP Open VMS Little 16 Apple Mac OS Big 17 Solaris Operating System (x86) Little 18 IBM Power Based Linux Big 19 HP IA Open VMS Little 20 Solaris Operating System (x86-64) Little 21 Apple Mac OS (x86-64) Little

Has there been trouble plugging in the backup of an unplugged PDB cross platform as long as the endians match? I missed that if so, but I have not tested it.  


From: Mladen Gogala [] Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2020 8:11 PM To: Mark W. Farnham; Subject: Re: duplicate pdb from backup  

Hi Mark,

Not just that. Backup is also a thing with SQL Server. I backed up my Windows 2012 AdventureWorks 2014 database and restored it to OL 7 SQL Server database without any problems. In other words, the tenant backup should also include a platform conversion.

On 12/24/20 5:52 PM, Mark W. Farnham wrote:

Something like “Create unplugged copy of <pdb name> [as <new pdb name>]”  

making an unplugged copy of a pdb without unplugging it would be really useful, especially if that means it does NOT reset the recovery thread in the original. (This suggestion was made pretty much as soon as it was realized that the recovery thread was reset). In that mode, the pluggable copy would not be something you could roll forward, since it would be a new recovery thread wherever you plugged it back in.  


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