RE: wrong start_time and start_date in v$transaction

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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 22:10:57 +0000
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But, didn’t Nenad say “start_time doesn’t change over time on the affected databases”.

Could it be as simple as the start time of the instance?

But then why SOME transactions and not ALL? Perhaps something as simple as “the first transaction in each session”?

Clay Jackson

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How about one "what if" (based on a bug pattern seen in an older version of Oracle) before doing anything complicated. What if: the thing creating the timestamp for the transaction is dividing a counter by the wrong power of 10 before adding seconds to the database startup time. If you check v$instance.startup_time + v$timer.hsecs/(100 * 86400) at the start of the transaction that should (I think) be very close to sysdate: can you get your transaction start time by dividing hsecs by a couple more powers of 10 ?

Jonathan Lewis

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