Re: Finding TNS listener ports

From: Gogala, Mladen <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 22:10:10 -0400
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I apologize. I forgot the details. Nmap uses its own services file, in /usr/share/nmap. Long time ago, I made that file a link to /etc/services. That, however, is not a default.

On 7/29/2020 8:34 PM, Sayan Malakshinov wrote:
> Hi Mladen,
> nmap thinks that only 1521 is an Oracle port, so in case of several
> listeners on different ports it can't determine real service behind
> them. For example, I have 2 different listeners on 1521 and 1522, but
> nmap returns only 1521 as an Oracle service. Moreover, by default nmap
> scans just the most common 1,000 ports for each protocol, so with
> default parameters it will not find 1522. The same thing with sshd - I
> reconfigured it to 1122 and nmap returns 'availant-mgr' for it.

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