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From: Sayan Malakshinov <>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2020 23:26:40 +0300
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Hi Mark,

In fact HTML is not fully compatible with XML, that's why you get such errors.
For example, to get your html answer parsed with errors you need to: 1. Enclose "single-tags" such as <br>, <hr>, <p>, ie "<p></p>" instead of <p>
 or add / to the end, ie "<br />" instead of "<br>", <p /> instead of <p> 2. XML must have add attribute value for each attribute, so "<HR noshade />" is not valid xml, but "<HR noshade='1'>" is valid.

I've posted working fixed example here: I'd suggest to use real xml or at least XHTML instead of old html. Btw, there are a lot of online validators where you can check xml validity, for example:

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 9:58 PM Mark J. Bobak <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've recently been experiencing a problem w/ XML parsing. This is on
> Oracle Database 19c Standard Edition.
> We have a pretty complex process, but I was able to whittle it down to a
> simple, reproducible test case. (I should mention, I'm *really* not an XML
> guy, at all!)
> Basically, it comes down to this:
> Simple PL/SQL function that defines a CLOB and an XMLType. Poplate the
> CLOB w/ some XML, then call xmltype() function to convert to and store in
> the XMLType column.
> First, I ran into ORA-64498 "FTP and HTTP access over XDB repository is
> not allowed on server side". I had no idea what that meant, so I opened an
> SR. As it turns out, we are (apparnetly) getting this error due to the
> http access in the DTD. So, I set event 31156 to level 2, to disable DTD
> validation. That got me past the ORA-31156, but then I was getting a
> LPX-00225: end-element tag "HEAD" does not match start-element tag "META".
> Well, upon closer examination, sure enough, I was missing a '</META>' tag.
> I added that in, and now I have a LPX-00210: expected '=' instead of 's'.
> I have no idea what this error means or how to fix it.
> Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
> -Mark
> PS Full sample test case is available at:

Best regards,
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