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Logical standby does have greater flexibility than a physical standby when it comes to diverging data. You can use the LOGSTDBY package with the SKIP function to prevent certain statements from being replicated. In table 97-23 here It looks like there is an option to use the SKIP function of DBMS_LOGSTDBY to not propagate both a TRUNCATE TABLE statement and regular DML statements. I did a short-lived project with this three years ago, that ended up being overturned shortly after we had it running in production. We didn’t use the truncate part of it but did skip DML for a certain table so that the standby could have that table be unique (different configs for the app on the standby side of things).

Of course, there are all kinds of dangers about having divergent data and systems, so whether or not a standby where some things are skipped is a good solution is entirely dependent on the use case.


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i've got a request from a developer to use logical standby as a DW database. The idea is that "DELETE" and "TRUNCATE" commands on the primary shouldn't be propagated to the standby. I told her that such thing can only be done by using the Force, not the normal Oracle tools. I sent this as an argument:;!!N4fOi5Mv!KVt2_0hx0eyq0YKGe4GqOEVtGxtMs2doU7pTYuS_vdgXTsgHihmdAqBPntn41Q_PWrY$<;!!N4fOi5Mv!KVt2_0hx0eyq0YKGe4GqOEVtGxtMs2doU7pTYuS_vdgXTsgHihmdAqBPntn41Q_PWrY$>

Now, the PM in charge of the project on which the aforementioned programmer is working sent me nastygram, accusing me of stalling and obstructing their project and colluding with Russians. I dared suggesting purchasing the Golden Gate license, which is completely capable of performing the required operation, but it wasn't interpreted as a helpful suggestion.

Just to cover all my angles, is anything like that possible with the logical standby? Has anyone managed to do anything like that? I have always considered standby a copy of the primary. Calling all Force users on this group, especially the ones dabbling in the Dark Side.


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