Re: Not able to fetch execution plan from cursor

From: Stefan Koehler <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 09:46:45 +0200 (CEST)
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Hello Rakesh,
no overhead - except the first run when statement is parsed (or subsequent reparses) and CBO trace is written / generated.

By the way please don't be confused about the different numbers in "Plan Table" section compared to DBMS_XPLAN. 100053 is run by C code and DBMS_XPLAN is using SQL ... so you gonna see a mix-up of 1000 and 1024 division ( ).

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> Rakesh Ra <> hat am 29. Mai 2019 um 08:47 geschrieben:
> Hi Nenad,
> Thanks for the quick response.
> I will check with the below settings. Does this setting have any overhead to the DB? I guess the trace will be generated only when hard parse happens. 
> alter system set events 'trace [SQL_Optimizer.*][sql:  fjj079nrphmwu ]'  ;
> One another interesting part is that when the SQL was executing and fetching the records (as per SQL monitor) I tried to fetch the plan from cursor, even that time i failed to get the details. This same SQL execution plan hash value is shared by 24 other SQL statements and for all I am not able to fetch from cursor.
> Regards,
> Rakesh RA

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