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Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 20:40:50 -0400
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Hi Andrew,

Yes, that is rather interesting, but expected. I was once working for a company that was audited. The result was that all the databases that weren't customer facing were converted to either PostgreSQL or DB2 in rather short time. Oracle's heavy handed approach hasn't made them any friends. In opinion, they should either do what other vendors are doing and use license keys or use site wide licensing, which is much more clear. Also, they have many expensive options which slows down the software adoption.

Oracle has some incredibly talented technical people and Oracle has some really pioneering products which have broken new ground, but dealing with their sales force can be less than pleasant experience. The situation is strikingly similar to what I have experienced as a VAX/VMS system administrator. DEC has been the second largest computer vendor, second only to IBM, right until it has collapsed. Ken Olsen, the founder of DEC, was a figure very similar to Larry Ellison in many aspects. DEC hasn't survived its founder. Real testament to the company culture is the ability to survive its founders. Larry is 74 and will probably be able to work for another year or two, maybe 5, but not much longer. The real test of the company will arrive when Larry retires. They already are infamous for their frequent layoffs, which is not a good sign.


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> Full disclosure, I am a House of Brick employee. But this is pretty
> interesting.
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