Auditing defaults in 11g vs. 12c

From: Givens, Steven <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 21:59:28 +0000
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I'm hoping someone can give me a sanity check here. :)

I have a canned report I've been providing to auditors and part of it queries DBA_STMT_AUDIT_OPTS and DBA_PRIV_AUDIT_OPTS. But these are not populated in 12c if unified auditing is enabled, which it is by default. Although I am using mixed mode, so was kind of expecting to see results in these views anyway based on the documentation.

So I opened a SR with Oracle and have been told that since I have not explicitly issued audit statements, these views would not be populated, regardless of the version of the database (I'm using and But I'm quite certain that no one explicitly issued audit statements in the 11g version of the database and yet these views are populated. So I'm thinking that 11g audited statements and privileges by default and 12c does not. Am I way off base?


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