RE: Bloom Filter Partition Pruning

From: Jaromir D.B.Nemec <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2018 07:56:32 +0100
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one last clarification:  

My test with statistics from V$PX_TQSTAT shows, that while probing a partitioned table in a hash join a BF is used for both partition pruning AND the key filtering.  

This would suggest, that with partitioned tables the described logic of BF based partition pruning is performed *additionally* to the standard way of BF based key filtering.  

Is it a right interpretation?  

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Normal BF usage hashes the column-values and sets bits based on these hashes in the BF.  

BF partition pruning usage of BF works differently:

Then upon scanning the big table:

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Hi All,

I have basic understanding of the Bloom filter and the mechanism of the  

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