Re: Odd MoS Note

From: Rich J <>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 12:25:45 -0600
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On 2018/03/08 12:09, Stefan Knecht wrote:

> Mandatory Patching Requirement for Database Versions or Earlier, Using DB Links (Doc ID 2335265.1)
> Note that it's actually for 12.2 and lower, not and lower - the doc's title needs an update.
> But what I find odd is the particular dead line of April 2019. Numeric overflow of some sort that breaks database links at that point in time? Unix time perhaps?
> Anyone looked into it yet?

Yes, the headline appears to be misleading, to put it mildly. The Oracle forums has at least one thread on it where Oracle employees state that it will only affect DB links between post-patched and pre-patched databases:

"In short, either both databases in the dblink connection should be patched or unpatched, and there won't be any issues in the connectivity."


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