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From: Sayan Malakshinov <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 12:22:11 +0300
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You could have used the 10046 trace. That would tell you what is you
> application waiting for.

On recent oracle versions I wouldn't start from 10046, because in more than 80% cases it's overkill and it requires more time(you need to wait end of execution, otherwise you will not get row statistics) than other more real-time tools, for example, Session Snapper, ASH, RTSM, v$session_event, etc...

At this point, I have to ask: have you read Cary Millsap's book?

"Optimizing Oracle Performance" by Cary and Jeff Holt? Yes, of course, long time ago :)
Moreover, I subscribed to his blog (as to many others from this thread) and some of my scripts are based on Cary's scripts. So what's your point? Don't you think that it's much better to send more detailed questions? Mail-list is not a telegram or twitter :D

On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 10:04 AM, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:

> At this point, I have to ask: have you read Cary Millsap's book?
> On 03/01/2018 08:48 PM, Sayan Malakshinov wrote:
> There are a lot of different types of problems, so it's more important to
> determine what information you need to troubleshoot current issue, and only
> after that you can choose a tool which can show it.
> In your case I think sqlplus+v$active_session_history (perhaps with
> v$segment_statistics) should be enough. For example, my script from not yet
> published post:
> master/ash/top_predicates.sql
> It shows top predicates from ASH for table access analysis
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