Re: DBA Job Functions

From: Sayan Malakshinov <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 04:48:15 +0300
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"Disk team argued that there was no change anywhere."
> "Application team mentioned that there was no change anywhere."
> "I know nothing was changed on the DB side."

For me it always looks like "I didn't touch this". As IT specialists we should use systematic approach and investigate the problem.
It doesn't matter "nothing was changed on the DB side" or there were lots of changes.
We don't need to guess what change caused a problem, we need to know what exactly goes wrong and how to fix it.
*I'm not against "any guess", but random wild guesses only. I think we all make educated guesses sometimes and we can't avoid them at all.*

What tool could have found out the cause sooner?

There are a lot of different types of problems, so it's more important to determine what information you need to troubleshoot current issue, and only after that you can choose a tool which can show it. In your case I think sqlplus+v$active_session_history (perhaps with v$segment_statistics) should be enough. For example, my script from not yet published post: It shows top predicates from ASH for table access analysis

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