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From: Pete Sharman <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 11:43:44 +1100
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I think the OMS patch does that.  


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Actually I just installed 13.2.  

Where can I find 13.2.2? I searched edelivery and Metalink, and I can't find it. Unless the OMS plug-ins make it 13.2.2?  



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Last year, I installed Cloud Control 13c ( on a new server. I'm still working on getting it all configured and just got the RPM built. In doing so, our SA indicated that it was using an old version of Java
(1.7.0_111) and he will not let me go live with it as long as it is using
that old version of Java. He says it must be at least 1.7.0_171. In looking at Oracle's site, I see there's a newer version of Cloud Control 13c,  

Does anyone know if I can just upgrade my current Cloud Control to the new version or do I have to do a full install and start over?  

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