RE: Doublt related to Data Guard with primary database and standby database readonly

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Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 15:29:08 -0500
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You can also do a couple other things:  

  1. You can create a user database such that each user schema has read only database link access to the standby.
  2. You can create a user database and supply it with extracts from the read only database as needed either via datapump, ctas from the readonly database, or sqlplus copy depending on the volume and structure of your tables that you need the “users” to have at their fingertips.
  3. IF the periodicity with which you need fresh data is reasonable, you can cancel recovery, clone the standby, rename and start the clone, and resume recovery on the actual standby. This is very useful, for example, for financial reporting based on weekly frozen data (typically after the generate receivables function is complete), or monthly for purposes of meaningful forecasts without drift for long view analytics, rather than “Am I going to make my sales quota today.”

Whether or not any of these three alternative solutions is optimal for you depends a great deal on your exact situation and the goal you are trying to achieve.  


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Subject: Re: Doublt related to Data Guard with primary database and standby database readonly  

Logical standby allows you turn it to read write, create tables, then turn it back to read only  

2017-12-11 5:54 GMT+11:00 Matthew Parker <>:

You are asking for a Logical Standby instead of a Physical Standby.      

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I am tallking about Oracle 12c R1 version.  

I would like to know what is the way to make available a Oracle schema to the end user, considering :  

1.) There is primary database where Data Guard is running and apply redo log into a standby database read only.

2.) The end users need to execute query in the instance of the standby database, but they do not get create tables in this read only standby database, by default.

3.) Currently they get only query data in the standby database.  

My doubt is :  

Is there a way to create an schema in the same server that the standby database is installed, in order to allow the end user execute query and create tables and others objects ?  

Notes : The purpose is avoid lot of users use the primary database.

All end user has an schema in the primary database that will have your session killed when connect on this.

Only schemas used by application will be allowed in the primary database in order to get better performance in the primary database.  


Is valid the idea of to create a new instance in the server where standby is installed and create a pdb with synonyms for all objects created based on the standby database (via dblink)

​ ?​  

Does anyone have any experience with this scenary ?  

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