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It works for me, FWIW.


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            I get a 403 when I try to go to the page.


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Hi Steven,
It looks like we cannot attach any attachment in the list. I've uploaded it in slideshare.<>


2017-11-30 12:34 GMT+11:00 dba Wilson <<>>: Hi Steven,
The PPT is attached.

Alternatively, you can view it in slideshare.<>


2017-11-29 14:56 GMT+11:00 Steven Heterogeneous <<>>: Hi Wil,

Do you mind share a copy of your PPT to us?


On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 8:52 AM, dba Wilson <<>> wrote: Hi Guys,

Thanks for your valuable input. I am downloading and to study Mumbai. Hope it is a "developer-friendly" tool. lol


2017-11-24 22:47 GMT+11:00 Karl Arao <<>>: my tools I always use for SQL tuning/troubleshooting:

sqld360 (Mauro Pagano) - every information about the SQL_ID in one shot db optimizer (Kyle Hailey) - for realtime profiling and query diagramming (Visual SQL Tuning/breaking down the logic behind the SQL) - I'm a very visual guy planx<> (Carlos Sierra) - if I can't get sqld360, I need to have this. it's like my text version of sqld360 sql monitor - if I can't have sqld360 and planx, at least I must have this sql developer - the newest version has the plan_line_id on exec plan useful for troubleshooting on 11.2/11.1 DBs

one example how I use some of the tools above together to troubleshoot a SQL -<> (correlating through plan_line_id and drilling down on business logic w/ VST)


On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 7:39 PM, dba oracle <<>> wrote: Hi Gurus,
I am currently looking for a SQL Tuning tool can be used by DBA as well as developers. The background is that we have many complex SQLs being developed in our products, each developer may touch those SQLs and change them if he/she is handling a ticket related to them. Every change might cause performance changing (and actually they did). We want to find a tool can be easily used by the developers, and then give them a training session, they will be able to tune their new developed/changed SQL before tagged to the release. I've tried SQL developer. It just simply give us the chance to use SQL Advisor. I also tried Toad, it more looks like an offline SQL advisor. And it has crashed several times in my Win 10. It is really frustrating. I also found this tool, SQLBooster, from<>. It's cool because it can brake the complex SQL down to small queries to analyze the bottleneck. But there is only a few documents provided in the website and the UI is not so friendly. I am still struggling on testing it. Do you guys have any recommendation?



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