Re: Backup to AWS - Advanced Security Option Required?

From: Tom Dale <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 08:33:07 +0000
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We stream straight to a S3 bucket that is mounted on the file system, we use encfs to provide transparent encryption. That way we get offsite encrypted backups with no local space use, that is also in the rman catalogue.

Performance is only limited by our internet connection to S3, which is 30MB/sec.

On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 2:48 AM, Mark J. Bobak <> wrote:

> Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module aka, is the MML that is
> required to backup to S3. It requires a license purchase to use.
> ($3500/stream list price). You do not require a license for each database.
> Licensing is done per stream. Number of licenses should eaual to high
> water mark of total concurrent streams (RMAN channels) in use at any one
> time. If you have 7 dbs to backup and each has 4 channels, that's 28
> streams. But, if each of the DBs is backed up once a week on a different
> day, then you need 4 licenses. Maybe more if the other DBs have archive
> log backups running concurrently. It's all about concurrent streams.
> Another thought I had, but have not tried yet, AWS has (relatively) new
> functionality called Storage Gareways. You can mount an S3 bucket as a
> filesystem. I'm thinking , if I do that, I can use RMAN backup to disk,
> and my data still goes to S3, but OSB Cloud Module is not required. Just
> an idea....I need to test, both in terms of functionality and
> performance/throughput.
> -Mark
> On Sun, Nov 19, 2017, 01:14 Jeremy Schneider <>
> wrote:
>> David, I didn't hit the link but the screenshot you included was (I
>> believe) referencing the fact that rman usually requires extra licenses for
>> using oracle's built-in encryption and compression capabilities. Off the
>> top of my head, I'm thinking that the restricted use license applies to
>> this part rather than the S3 part.
>> I'm pretty sure you don't need advanced security to do AWS backups.
>> However I see a reference to an "oracle secure backup cloud module" in that
>> screen shot - is this something you need to purchase extra?
>> Of course you'll want to read carefully yourself and make a final
>> decision based on what you find. Don't take my word for anything. :)
>> -Jeremy
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>> On Oct 31, 2017, at 8:27 AM, David Barbour <>
>> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if we can use Oracle Secure Backup to AWS without
>> separately purchasing the Advanced Security Option?
>> Here's what the Licensing Information documentations (
>> Information.htm#DBLIC-GUID-75262092-CD86-4B30-A21B-92ECC1C2E130)
>> states. Interpretation or experience would be appreciated.
>> Oracle Secure Backup
>> Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module
>> For backup of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Secure Backup
>> includes restricted use licenses for:
>> -
>> RMAN backup encryption to tape or Amazon S3
>> -
>> RMAN backup compression leveraging LOW, MEDIUM, BASIC or HIGH
>> algorithms
>> The Oracle Secure Backup special-use licenses apply to RMAN backup
>> encryption, which is a component of the Oracle Advanced Security Option,
>> and RMAN backup compression levels, which are components of the Oracle
>> Advanced Compression Option. To use additional features of the Oracle
>> Advanced Security Option or the Oracle Advanced Compression Option, you
>> must license those options separately. In addition, the Oracle Advanced
>> Security Option must be licensed when performing RMAN encrypted backups
>> directly to disk whether or not Oracle Secure Backup is the media manager.

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