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Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:03:38 +0000
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Advanced compression will also be triggered if someone issues an expdp command with the COMPRESSION option. We were bit by that once. The DBA who did it had no idea it was a license violation. Neither did anyone else until it suddenly showed up in dba_feature_usage_statistics.

Jay Miller
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The four options you are concerned with, can't be disabled. It would be simple for Oracle to implement a mechanisms to do so, but I suppose all the accidental violations that netted them money, outweigh the benefit of doing so.

Particularly advanced security or advanced compression are tricky because they can be used outside of the database as well (think Data Guard Redo Compression or RMAN backup compression, for example).

What I have seen some people do is run a job in the database that scans for objects that would violate their allowed functionality, and produce an alert when something was found. My framework, zztat, can also run checks like this.

If you have already found something inside the database that uses such functionality, the only way out is, as you have stated, a full export / import.



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