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Yup, lived through that too. It was a shame. DEC had the best hardware and software at the time. RAC is based on VMS clustering. WNT was to VMS what HAL was to IBM.


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> I'm now finally involved with a client who has gone down this road and
> Oracle lost the discussion.  Of course legally I can neither confirm
> nor deny how many millions were involved in the ULA that was cancelled
> along with neither confirming nor denying any outright effort to move
> to a different vendor. :-)

Hi Dave,
I have seen this before. Once upon a time, in a state far, far away, called Massachusetts, there used to be a great company with excellent mid-range systems, running an excellent OS called VMS. VMS 4.x was very open. There was even a published book with the source code for the OS. The systems were reasonably priced and all was well. And then the company became more closed and greedy. License costs for VMS went sky high, no more source code and there were shenanigans with VAXBI bus, a proprietary version of VME bus and also an attempt of creating a proprietary version of SCSI bus in VAX 4000. Eventually people grew tired and stopped buying it. Once mighty company, second only to IBM, collapsed in a few months, was bought by Compaq, which was later acquired by HP. HP has the Midas touch: it turns everything into a muffler: Polyserve, Compaq, DEC, they destroyed everything they touch. Long story short, market can cut every company down to the proper size, even Oracle. Regards

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