Nested tables

From: Kumar Madduri <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 11:14:48 -0800
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We have an ebusiness implemenation and we are upgrading to 12.2 from 12.1 There is a custom module in which developers created nested tables and used in tables as column types . These types are again nested in to another type. 12.2 online enablement of patches caused some issues with this. We are fixing it by trying to move these nested objects and their dependent objects in to their own schema which would be non-editioned. Developers claim that is was designed so that the performance would be better in comparision with having multiple tables. From reading, I found that may not be true completly (not to mention the complexity it adds and it would b e difficult to maintain going forward). Wanted to get information and feedback from the list if doing away from nested tables is a good approach or if there is an advantange in having them.

Thank you

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