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Support is telling us we need CYGWIN confused!!!! Did you use the wizard to push the agent?
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I have the same setup and it just worked when adding a Linux agent. It was very easy. Adding a Windows agent yeah is more of pain and requires Cygwin.

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Not that I can think of. But I have just got my first coffee for the morning. :)


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EM 12C OMS on Windows / Agent on Linux

We are preparing to migrate our databases from Windows to Linux. Our new server is built and we are ready to install the EM agent. We are running EM The Basic Installation Guide has steps for installing Cygwin on the target if doing an Add Target when agent will be on Windows and OMS on Linux. We are the reverse. OMS is on Windows and agent will be on Linux. Do we need to install anything prior to running the Add Target wizard?

The Linux agent has already been staged in the OMS.

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