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I can help you figure those things out if you want to take it offline



I talked about much of this on my blog. For getting grants and triggers included in your scripts, you need to create and open a physical model (not just the relational.)


The versioning stuff is pretty straightforward, you’ll be using SVN. Too much to go into here for email…





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I've been playing with it, and while the price is appealing, I've not figured out how to do some of the things with it I know how to do in Erwin and PowerDesigner, like automatically scripting grants and triggers, building deployments out of it, and integrating into a model repository with view-vs-update permissions.  Given the size of my team (small), the cost of a couple of seats of PowerDesigner has been worth the productivity.


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We are just starting to look at and use the SQL Developer Data Modeler.  We like so far.

We are going thru the online webinars and trying to learn as much as we can about this tool.  Is anyone else using it?  Happy with it?  Run away from it?

I also found a user group named - ODTUG.  Oracle Development Tools User Group.  They have a conference coming up in the Fall with a few session on how to use the data modeler.  Anyone have exp with this group?  Worth attending?

 I have also been looking for in-person training for this tool.  Anyone know of an in-person training program?


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